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The Best Movies Starring Joe Pesci

Where to even get started on Joe Pesci. The man is one of the more mysterious actors around. This Newark, New Jersey native took an eight year hiatus from acting from the years of 1998 to 2006, only to film one movie, then take another four year break. It would seem that Pesci is in a place in his life where he only does movies that he deems worthy.

This article will highlight some of the best Joe Pesci movies of his career.

One movie that has to be mentioned when discussing the best Joe Pesci films is Home Alone. The man tends to be driven more toward serious and dramatic films, but the casting crew knocked it out of the park when they selected Pesci for this comedic role.

Another amazing Joe Pesci film was Goodfellas. This just might be my favorite Pesci Scorcese collaboration. It is truly amazing what a great supporting role Joe delivered with this film, and it came as no surprise that he won an Oscar for it.

One movie that must be mentioned when talking about movies that Pesci has starred in is Casino. Oh man, this has to be the best we have ever seen him. This is as good a villain as they come and it is amazing he did not get nominated for this role.

Another exceptionally great movie starring Joe Pesci is My Cousin Vinny. This movie nabbed Marisa Tomei the 1993 Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. If you have never seen this movie, put it on the list.

One other fantastic Pesci film that is worthy of discussion is The Good Shepherd. For one reason or another, this movie never got the critical acclaim it deserved. Maybe it was because it was released on a smaller scale, but I certainly enjoyed this movie.

Tips to Prepare for Going to an Outdoor Movie

Summer is almost here, and, if you are lucky, that means it is time to enjoy outdoor movies under the stars. Whether you are headed to a movie in the park in your town, a church movie event, or even a backyard movie night, these tips will help you make the most of an outdoor movie night experience.

First, you will want to arrive early to the event. The movie will start around sundown, so plan to arrive between 30-45 minutes before then. Getting there early will allow time for parking and for securing a spot on the lawn with a great view of the inflatable movie screen.

After you arrive, be sure to use the bathroom before the movie experience begins. The venue might become crowded, making it difficult to make your way to the bathroom in the dark. Before the movie is also the time to think about movie snacks. It is a good idea to bring a snack and water with you. If you would like to purchase concessions at the venue, do so before the movie starts to avoid a long wait. There is always a long line for popcorn at the beginning of a movie.

You will want to bring something comfortable to sit on. Items like chairs, blankets, air mattresses, bean bags and floor pillows are all good choices. If you choose a chair, be sure it is a low back chair so that others sitting behind you can see the inflatable movie screen. Also in consideration of others, be sure to silence your cell phone.

For comfort, be sure to dress appropriately. Summer time outdoor movies can sometimes get into the high 90’s, even at night. For autumn events, bring a jacket. After sunset in the fall, the temperature will drop and may get chilly. Dressing in layers is always a good idea, in case the weather changes during the event. Also be sure to bring bug spray for summer outdoor movie events to avoid uncomfortable bug bites.

Safety is another concern. Be sure to bring a flashlight with you so you can safely find your way to the car after the event. You will also want to make sure to check the area around you for anything that may have fallen out of your pockets.

Many outdoor movie events are family friendly. Sometimes a movie event can be crowded with hundreds, if not thousands, of people. If you have young children in tow, show your children where the projection area is and instruct them to go there if they get lost or can’t find their way back to where you are sitting. The projectionist will most likely have a microphone to make an announcement.

A movie under the stars with friends and family is a wonderful way to spend a warm summer night, or a cool fall or spring evening. Use these simple tips so you can have the best possible outdoor movie experience.

Crazy Movie Buffs

If you are like me and probably a thousand others out there that are really into movies you won’t deny the excitement that comes once a new movie is released. You will watch practically all the trailers associated with that movie and then begin to make your own analysis on how that movie might fair in the box office. It’s a gift and a curse I would say seeing that in most cases the trailer tends to be a lot better than the movies itself how does that happen? No idea. My theory has always been that the directors used all the deleted good scenes to boost the trailers performance so that buffers like us can’t help but get all excited to see the finished product. How much do you actually know about movies, do you live it, breathe it, can’t seem to get enough of it? Then chances are you are a movie buff, that is if you actually fit the bill.

Another thing that I end up doing after watching a movie twice is spotting all the errors. These errors are not necessarily seen in the first viewing but if you have watched the movie 2-3 times then you would be able to find all the mistake missed the first two times around. The steps are fairly simple if you choose to pick a movie or just view the ones shown repeatedly on television then that is absolutely fine, First thing first:

    1. Film selection (it could either be an old or current film it doesn’t matter)
    1. Take notes of details whether they are minor or major ones (including facts which will useful for future references)
    1. Start looking for mistakes ( whether or not the plot has been consistent, bad times, omission, slip ups which would include the actor/actress whether something is on right or not or if they had a watch on but its missing in the next take).
    1. Make notes of errors and the precise time they occur.
  1. replay is necessary to make sure that nothing has been missed and or if you end up with little to no results.